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How can doctors improve their financial marriage?

How can doctors improve their financial marriage?

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As a physician, are you and your partner confident with the finances in your marriage? Are you sure you're confident? Let’s test that! Which of these scenarios best describes your financial marriage circumstances? You and your partner don’t see eye to eye. One consistently drags the other to the financial “finish line” with only their financial goals in mind, while the other is hung out to dry. Or, do you both walk stride for stride to the finish line, assured you’re both on the same page with your financial goals? If you didn’t answer the latter, what can you do to improve your financial marriage? Listen now for an informed discussion on how to approach a successful financial conversation with your spouse to ensure both parties cross the financial “finish line” equally, hand-in-hand.



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  • [02:09] Why it’s important for both partners in a marriage to be on the same page about their money goals.  
  • [09:35] How personal values can play into financial planning in a marriage.  
  • [12:25] How to find balance between being a team and having independence in different areas is important.   
  • [19:52] There can be balance in financial decisions by the use of both logic and emotions.  
  • [22:04] Check-ins between partners don’t have to only be about money.  Designate a time to check in and connect.  
  • [26:14] Money goals change, so how can partners approach those changes?  
  • [30:02] Every couple has unique problems. It’s important for partners to focus on how to build solutions that work for both parties. 



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