$175.00 USD

The DIY Doctor's College Plan Workbook

Your child IS going to college, and if you’re like any other doctor, you won’t say “no” to paying for it.

But what will it cost?

HINT: You can buy a moderately priced home for less than the cost of a decent degree, but you don’t have 30 years to save for college, right?

 In this workbook, you can…

  • Find out how to save taxes while you save for college

  • Protect your child’s college fund from your malpractice claims

  • Avoid the silly mistakes your colleagues make with college money

In less time than it took to install your child’s first car seat, you can build your very own 1-Page Plan and get answers to questions like…

  • How much will college REALLY cost me?

  • How much should I be saving today?

  • Where’s the best place to invest right now?

Raising kids is hard but planning for college can be easy.

With this nine page PDF you’ll gain access to time tested, tax savvy savings strategies assembled by Certified Financial Planner™ professionals with decades of experience helping hundreds of parents just like you: physician moms and dads who want their kids to have the best education money can buy.

For less than the cost of a day’s worth of childcare, you can grab the workbook and get on track today.