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The Overtaxed Doctor's Guide to Retirement 2024

Are you paying too much in taxes?

The tax code is so complicated that even doctors–some of the smartest people on the planet–struggle to make sense of it all. And the one person who is supposed to help, your tax preparer, doesn’t seem to care.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You got hit with a big tax bill recently

  • Your colleagues seem to be paying less taxes than you do

  • Your internet searches only turn up tiny pieces of the tax savings puzzle

It's so frustrating. You would never cheat on your taxes but you just want to make sure you’re getting all the tax breaks you legitimately deserve.

There’s one secret you gotta know…

All the big tax breaks for doctors come from tax-savvy savings strategies: the same strategies you SHOULD be using to save for retirement right now.

Save Taxes While You Save For Retirement

The Overtaxed Doctor’s Guide to Retirement 2024, our complete list of this year’s retirement-centric tax strategies for physicians, can help you:

  • Stop worrying about missing out

  • Start enjoying the tax breaks you really deserve

  • Avoid stupid mistakes that cost your colleagues thousands

  • Protect more of your retirement savings from malpractice claims 

This 8-page PDF gives you access to time tested, tax-savvy retirement savings strategies assembled by Certified Financial Planner™ professionals with decades of experience helping hundreds of physicians save more for retirement while paying less in taxes.

The Overtaxed Doctor’s Guide to Retirement includes:

  • One thing your CPA won't tell you about your IRA

  • Over $360,000 in lifetime tax breaks with one strategy any physician can use

  • 36% better after-tax returns resulting from an easy move in taxable accounts

  • One common HSA mistake that can cause average physicians to pay an extra $232,000 in unnecessary taxes

  • A quick tip to help you get more from your 401k or 403b

  • A tax TRAP that could easily COST non-profit doctors up to $64,000 in unnecessary taxes 

  • $16,000+ in tax savings this year for moonlighters and side hustling docs 

  • More than $11,000 in immediate tax savings for self-employed, married physicians 

  • $93,000 in immediate tax savings for high earning self-employed practitioners

  • One move to turn overpriced cash value life insurance into smart tax-advantaged retirement savings 

  • PLUS seven strategies for physicians in special situations

Put an end to your tax bill FOMO. For less than the price you might pay to have your taxes done, you can get our complete list of 18 tax strategies for doctors to legitimately save more this year.


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