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Should physicians set themselves on FIRE?

Should physicians set themselves on FIRE?

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Financial Independence Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) is one way to approach your financial life but it might not be the best way. Understand the pros and cons of FIRE. Know the difference between "getting rich" and gaining control of money. Hear how financial independence offers you the freedom to practice your way without walking away from the work you love. Is FIRE right for you? Listen to the end where we share the one thing you need to know as you come to your own conclusion about your future in medicine.

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[ 0:58 ] What is Financial Independence?
[ 1:55 ] What does Retire Early mean?
[ 3:50 ] Are there positives to the Retire Early approach?
[ 6:00 ] Is retiring early for physicians a bad idea?
[ 10:22 ] The shame some physicians are feeling for not reaching financial independence quickly enough.
[ 12:36 ] For physicians that find meaning and purpose in their work, how should they approach financial independence? Should they care?
[ 15:32 ] How much is it costing physicians, with their time and energy, to become financially independent so quickly to retire early?
[ 19:18] Finding balance with FIRE.
[ 21:04] Why are some people who become financially independent not retiring early?
[ 24:13] Is it a good idea for doctors to set themselves on FIRE?

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