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  • Secure Online Portal
  • Retirement Goal Setting Session
  • Retirement Planning Session
  • Action Plan
  • High Level Asset Allocation Recommendation
  • Smart Saving Strategies
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  • Fuss-free investment account setup & transfers
  • Fee-free management for IRAs, trusts and joint accounts
  • Click-by-click investment guidance for HSA, 401k, 403b and TSP plans
  • Proactive tax loss harvesting
  • Proactive backdoor Roth conversions
  • Tax-optimized retirement income planning
  • Annual Progress Checks
  • Annual Investment Reviews
  • Easy access to your Primary Advisor by text, phone or email
  • Full access to our team of financial specialists when you need more support
  • A backup plan for your spouse when you're gone
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No matter which package you choose, you'll get:

  • A plan that tells you when it's safe to retire
  • Transparent pricing that protects you from hidden investment fees
  • Perspective on your financial life as a physician that you can't get on your own
  • Respect and concern not just for you but your whole family
  • Fiduciary advice that's not clouded by the drive to get more assets under management
  • Balanced approach to money that considers what's in your head AND your heart
  • Our Regret-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

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Clear Plan

Retirement Goal Setting

Know when you want to retire? Whether your answer is “no” or “now” or “never”, you can turn vague notions into meaningful goals in this session guided by a Certified Financial Planner® professional.

Retirement Planning Session

Get a feel for your future by playing with possible savings rates and retirement dates in this live, one-on-one session with your Retirement Planning Specialist.

Retirement Action Plan

Stop missing out on tax breaks for retirement with your personalized to-do list recommending how much to save (or spend if you’re retiring soon), which accounts to use and which asset allocation strategy to pursue.

Secure Online Portal

Stay in touch with your financial accounts, real estate, student loans and mortgage with your chart on our Electronic Financial Record (EFR).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While we cannot guarantee the performance of any investment, we're certain you won't regret asking us to help you make a plan. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the fee you paid for a project-based engagement. For ongoing engagements, we will waive the next month's fee.

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Committed Membership

Primary Advisor Connection

Enjoy a solid, long-term working relationship with a dedicated Certified Financial Planner® professional who “gets” the doctor thing, sees you as an individual and understands both your personal and financial situation. Text, call or email your Primary Advisor to get answers in two business days or less.

Full Team Access

Through your Primary Advisor, gain access to the other professionals on our multispecialty team with average industry experience of 10+ years serving 200+ physicians nationwide.

Flat Fee Account Management

Free yourself from the hassle of picking funds, placing trades, rebalancing accounts, backdoor Roth conversions and tax loss harvesting with professional management for your taxable accounts and IRAs using ETFs from DFA and Vanguard in a buy-and-hold approach to long term investing. Invest all you want! Level monthly membership fee means you won’t pay more when you invest more.

Go-Anywhere Investment Guidance

Log into your 401k, 403b, HSA, TSP or 529 plan then share your screen to get advice for accounts other advisors ignore. No matter where your account is held, get one-on-one click-by-click guidance to manage it right, right where it is. No rollover required; no extra charge.

Annual Investment Reviews

Take a fresh look at each position in all of your accounts to make sure your portfolio matches your plan. No matter where your accounts are held, you can rely on our fiduciary duty, as a registered investment advisor, to recommend adjustments if necessary or just leave well enough alone.

Lifetime Retirement Planning

Young doctors ask, "How much should I save?" Mid-career physicians want to know, "When can I retire?" Late stage practitioners wonder, "Which account should I draw from first?" And everybody asks, "How can I save taxes?" Get the answers you need with a personalized plan for every year of your career.

Expanded Financial Planning

A good college for your kids or grandkids… a family hideaway on the mountain or the beach… nice vacations for you and your (grown) kids every year… the good life takes money but a great life–one you can enjoy now AND during retirement–takes more planning than just maxing out your 401k and IRAs. Get more out of your financial life by putting more goals and more thought into your financial plan.

Outside Expert Integration

Preparing taxes, selling insurance, real estate investing, home loan financing and estate planning are all things Physician Family does not do but that does not mean you have to do it alone. We offer guidance to help you find the right outside expert for your needs and we will gladly collaborate with them as a member of your financial security team. We never take a cut, split commission or accept referral fees.

Annual Progress Checks

Find out how to turn new tax laws, recent economic shifts, new developments at home and even upheavals at work into smart moves you can make to keep your plan on track in the coming year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While we cannot guarantee the performance of any investment, we're certain you won't regret asking us to help you make a plan. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the fee you paid for a project-based engagement. For ongoing engagements, we will waive the next month's fee.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Physician Family get paid?

We are a fee-only firm which means we charge a project fee or level monthly membership fee for our services. We never accept commissions or referral fees. We are fiduciaries, so the advice you receive puts your interests first.

Do you charge an asset-based or “percentage AUM” fee?

Absolutely not. No matter how much you invest, your monthly membership fee covers account management (where we manage your accounts for you) or investment guidance (where you manage your accounts yourself with specific mutual fund recommendations we provide.

Does the fee include my spouse?

Yes. The fees above cover services for your family: you, your spouse and children under age 18.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. While your financial institution and other service providers (your accountant or attorney) may charge you separately for their products and services, Physician Family's work is covered by your monthly membership fee.

Why don’t you bill by the hour?

Advisors who bill by the hour have an incentive to waste time and–for the physicians we serve–there’s nothing more precious than time with their family and their patients. From our perspective, membership fees give us the ability to earn a stable salary so we can feel comfortable putting our hearts and souls into serving you.

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