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When should I start teaching my kids about money?

When should I start teaching my kids about money?

budgeting kids and money physician family Jul 13, 2021

Using the Physician Family Answer Line, Margie, a physician mom practicing in Texas, asks a common but difficult question about when to start talking about money with kids. Learn how to start the conversation as Ben and Nate offer real life examples of teachable moments you might see in your own household. Even better, we tell what NOT to do when teaching your kids about money. Listen in to avoid the big mistakes and gain some courage and insights about how you can lead your kids into the not so friendly financial world.

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[ 1:01 ] Why should we teach our kids about money?
[ 2:35 ] How will you know when your child is ready to start learning about money?
[ 5:18 ] Give your children small choices to make when they’re younger to understand bigger money choices as they age.
[ 9:54 ] Look for the teachable moments in life and then use that to frame choices for your child and allow them to live with the consequences of their choices.
[ 10:40 ] What are the things you should avoid when it comes to talking about money with your kids?
[ 15:02 ] What can parents do to teach their children about money day-to-day?

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