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S.A.F.E. Money: Your Physician Family Emergency Fund

S.A.F.E. Money: Your Physician Family Emergency Fund

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Emergency funds are essential for unexpected events that happen in life. Every physician should have one, but how much money should be in that emergency fund? What constitutes an emergency and what doesn’t? Should physicians worry about an emergency fund if they are trying to pay off debt or buy a house and what is the best type of account for an emergency fund? Listen in to learn about S.A.F.E. Money and how it applies to emergency funds for physicians. Find peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for the big unexpected financial events in your life.



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  • [02:08] Why physicians should have non-emergency reserves that are separate from their emergency fund. 
  • [05:16] How much should a physician have in their emergency fund? 
  • [10:29] What an emergency fund can “buy.”
  • [14:44] How to build an emergency fund among debt and other financial goals. 
  • [19:00] How to address inflation. 
  • [21:36] The pros and cons of IUS Savings Bonds. 
  • [24:38] What is S.A.F.E. Money?



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