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As a physician mom or dad, you put everything into your practice and your kids so you want to do the right thing with the money you earn. Hosts Ben Utley and Nate Reineke answer your questions about investing for retirement, saving for college and raising financially responsible children.

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Your Old Physician 401k: Time Bomb or Treasure Chest? 401k 403b financial advisors physician family retirement fund Nov 01, 2023

Imagine your physician Retirement Fund is one big pie. If you look closely, that pie will primarily be made of a physician 401k or 403b and the...

Physician investing basics: what are ETFs? efts exchange traded funds financial advisor physician physician family taxes Oct 18, 2023

Investing is a strange thing: the less you pay, the more you get.

And for physician investors, keeping more of what you earn means paying less...

Physician retirement planning sucks, now what? physician family physician retirement retirement retirement planning Oct 04, 2023

Imagine a big sack of donuts. Now imagine a big stack of plywood.

What do these have in common?

They are stories Ben and Nate share on...

Physician student loans, what should you do right now? financial advisors physician physician family pslf public service loan forgiveness student loan debt student loans Sep 20, 2023

Fake news. It’s everywhere and some people even believe it. Some unintentional fake news you have heard recently is that Public Service Loan...

Tax loss harvesting: another hidden physician tax break financial advisors physician family tax break tax loss harvesting Sep 06, 2023

Every physician wants to lower their tax bill. But, of all the best-known tax strategies for doctors that you may have heard about, which ones are...

New baby? Take an inside look at real college planning college college goal financial advisors financialparenting physician family planning for college Aug 16, 2023

College is getting more and more expensive every year. For most people, the cost of college results in a six-figure ball and chain of student loan...

7 things physicians can do with extra money now emergency fund extra money financial advisors investing physician family physicians Aug 02, 2023

Lets face it; you have WAY too much cash in the bank. Maybe you got a buy-out. Or an inheritance. Or maybe cash has been piling up in your bank...

How doctors can spot bad target date funds 401k investing investment physician family target date investing Jul 19, 2023

Good medicine requires a good treatment plan for each patient and the tools needed to implement it. But what do you do when your most efficient...

7 Questions to ask your next physician financial advisor family financial advisors financial advisors physician physician family physician family advisors Jul 05, 2023

Have you ever hired a babysitter? You know, someone you trust to love and care for your child while you’re away?


Well, hiring a...

Is Real Estate Really For Doctors? phyisicanrealestate physicianfamily physicianfinances realestate realestateinvestement Jun 21, 2023

Doctors are smart and real estate is real but is real estate the right investment for real smart doctors?

The answer is no.

Listen in as Ben and...

Is Physician Happiness Even A Thing? medscape physicianfamily physicianfinances physicianhappiness physicianlifestyle Jun 07, 2023

Is “physician happiness” an oxymoron? Sometimes it may seem that way but you may be surprised to hear that some physicians have cracked...

Financial Freedom: Do Doctors Actually Retire Early? financial freedom financial independence physician physician family retire early retirement May 17, 2023

If you’re a physician, you’ve probably heard of F.I.R.E. (financial independence, retire early). It sounds amazing, but do physicians...

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