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As a physician mom or dad, you put everything into your practice and your kids so you want to do the right thing with the money you earn. Hosts Ben Utley and Nate Reineke answer your questions about investing for retirement, saving for college and raising financially responsible children.

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Should I pay off my house with my inheritance? 529plan investing mortgage scholarships May 15, 2024

In today's episode we answer listener and client questions...

How do I use my 529 to pay for college?

Should I make regular 529 withdrawals or can...

How should I choose a tax preparer? aftertaxreturn financialmarriage insurance mortgage rvu surgerycenter tax Apr 17, 2024

On today’s show…

  • How do I choose the right tax preparer?
  • Why didn’t my automatic payment come out for my mortgage?
  • Should we...
Your First Physician Mortgage: How does it work? buyingahome financing lender mortgage physicianfamily Jun 29, 2022

A physician has made the decision to buy a house, so what’s the next step? How should physicians acquire a mortgage? What is the difference...

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